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No Flaming/Offensive Language 
While debate and disagreement is certainly allowed, insulting or using offensive language towards other members is not. 

No Spamming 
No repeated posting of the same or similar message, or posting of information unrelated to the thread/topic. 

No bumping/necroing of old posts. 

No Sales Threads 
Selling and Buying of any sort is not permitted on ArtificialAdvantage, whether in posts or private messages.

No Advertising 
Advertising, and linking to other cheat websites is not permitted under any circumstances. This includes private messaging other members to advertise a product. If you are unsure whether a link or post might break this rule, please ask a staff member in a private message. If you have a link to a site you believe the staff should see, please private message it to one of us directly. 

No Referral Links 

No Scamming/Hacking 

No Downloadable Files 
No posting of illegal content, programs, exes, porn, warez, etc. If there is a file you would like to post, please ask a staff member for approval. 

Claim/Chargeback Policy 
Opening a dispute, claim, or chargeback on a payment is not allowed and will result in your account being banned permanently. Your paypal, IP and PC HWID may be banned/blocked from our services PERMANENTLY.
If you have a support or payment issue, please post on the forums, PM a staff member, or open a support ticket. 
Forum rules may be changed at any time. It's your responsibility to stay updated on the current rules.

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