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  4. Its well into beta, now.
  5. hi, i seend your eft hack ad but i cant see any hack to download.
  6. guys whats the dealio
  7. tarkov

    +1 would love to see this
  8. Any updates?
  9. would be great if you guys released it for the closed beta
  10. Anymore updates on the release date of this?
  11. now that the beta is released are you gonna release the hack (for it is the main purpose i have registered)
  12. Hello, is it me or the hack is not available ?! Will it be available when?
  13. Well shit i only registered because i thought its already done i'd pay right now monthly
  14. It would be nice to have the wallhacks in alpha since there is no anti-cheat. Then you can add other stuff like aimbot etcç
  15. Hello! We need basic option wall-hack! The game is in alpha - no anti-cheat. You have a chance to check all possibilities!
  16. tarkov

    Hi, I noticed on your main page you have a escape from tarkov hack but i can't find it anywere.
  17. Hey There!. Before i purchase. I must ask . Is this work with the Origin version?
  18. Hi @all i had a few question.... First is the Bot working after the last update in Dezember 2016?! Whats about spectator warning ? Are Video Streams cleared so no visible ESP and so on ? Also what payment system do you offer because i can see it (try to buy but tel me some about no string .... what is the meaning and why you need a cell number ?) I am really want a BF1 Ami Bot wich can do it with Melee and Vehicles and wich had spectator warning and clean Videostream ! I tried a few once Damncheater , Armyjunkies all had any good points but still no one is what i search ..... Damncheater is simple an nice for play sniper but nothing big randomize it also crash from time to time but security seams to be okay Army Junkies is had all what Damancheater missed and a few options wich really nice and best ist the spectator warning but Auto ami is not that good ........ but non of this 2 had a Vehicles Ami option ... So i will buy yours and give it a try when i can pay over PayPal . if the bot is good i want buy it for my friend also .... best regards Ralle1976
  19. How are you able to use cheat engine in offline mode? You aren't able to edit your money ingame correct?
  20. Hi man, i rly want you hack for Eft. I try hack Assembly-CSharp.dll and good. Cheat engine work in Eft Onffline ride. ez money. Need Wallhack = Mega Super good! Answer pls, tell me you contacts(skype or Vk, pls, i have nice offer)
  21. Hello, please release it asap. The alpha has no anti-cheat, so you can bring only the basics like a esp. regards
  22. Do you have an ETA for this? I will gladly buy it.
  23. Hi Alexa, i saw that there is a lack of good cheats for Paladins, there is a way for your team to make a good cheat for this game? with good overlay?
  24. Maybe it will be in Beta?
  25. We will still be supporting the game, but we're waiting until it is at a more polished point.
  26. We don't offer a mortal online cheat, sorry!
  27. Wow, have to give them credit for their effort. But yes, it is always a shame when people perpetuate the idea that cheats are viruses or scams through tricking people with videos like this.
  28. Already got the hacker to buy from tarkov ?
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