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Powerful Features

Get the upperhand with the most powerful features for your game, with our Instant Kill Aimbot, Advantage ESP, Tactical Radar, and much more.

Fully Customizable

Configure every aspect of your cheat from the speed of your aimbot to the exact visual ESP elements in the game, all through our visual mouse-driven menu.

Easy to Use

Our in-game, mouse driven menu makes setting up your cheat easy. Default settings are ready to go, along with saving and loading for keeping your perfect configuration.

Undetected Software

Stay safe with ArtificialAdvantage private cheats. Our software loads securely from our cheat client, with multilevel code protection and screenshot cleaning to defeat Anti-Cheat efforts.

Ongoing Updates

Our software is always evolving with updates for new game versions, bug fixes, feature additions and security improvements to stay one step ahead of anti-cheat software.

Community Support

We’re here to help. Read guides on our software and get help and advice on our community forum, or open a ticket for assistance from our team.

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Top the scoreboards every match you play with ArtificialAdvantage. With our cheats, enhance your skills with the coded features that improve your abilities. Lock on to your enemies with our instant kill aimbots, track them with Advantage ESP, or use our Tactical Radar to avoid being flanked in a gunfight. Our cheats deliver the best features, whether it’s Item ESP or Drop ESP in survival games, or No Recoil and No Spread in the most competitive FPS titles.

Gear Up

Level up and rank up faster than ever before. Earn more EXP as you destroy opponents faster than ever before and boost your Kill/Death ratio. Unlock more gear and upgrades in your favorite games with the help of our software.


Blow away your friends as you play better than ever before, with better accuracy and tactical information to take the win every time. Impress your squad or clan-mates and rise up the ranks.

  • Dominate the leaderboards
  • Enable Deadly Features
  • Rank Up Fast
  • Maximize kills, Die less
  • Get the Best Gear
  • Amaze Friends and Teammates

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Undetected Cheats

We take your security seriously at ArtificialAdvantage, and use a multi-level protection system to prevent cheat detections.

Code Protection

Private Access

Lightweight Code

Anti-Leak Security

AntiCheat Specific

Secure Injection

Screen Cleaning

Expert Team

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Our cheats are designed for minimum code footprint, with anti-cheat specific protection built in. Where applicable, we include our automatic screenshot-cleaning that protects against detection through screen capture.

Unlike public cheats, our private community has a much smaller footprint of users that reduces the risk of targeting by anti-cheat developers, and allows us to prevent our software being leaked to the wrong parties.

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